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RT3S Driver

Version 1.4F

  • Firmware:
    • Fix problem of splashscreen not being illuminated when 'squelch' backlight option is selected
    • Slight changes/fixes of the menus displaying (as we have more space on screen).
    • Satellite screen: the visual visible marker as moved (and use the Satellite's colour)
    • Squelch bargraph fills the notification window
    • Display options -> Colour:Invert/Normal as been changed to Screen:Invert/Normal, as the code controls the LCD panel state.
    • QuickKey support added to the GPS menu.
    • Voice prompt announces the whole information when triggering a QuickKey.
    • Voice prompts playback are now not disturbed while receiving DMR.
    • More accurate voltage reading on RT3S.
    • Fix contact's outer frame drawing in the TX Screen.
  • CPS:
    • make it possible to download a screengrab while RXing (doesn't clear the screen anymore).
    • It handles inverted screen while downloading a screengrabs

 To complete was Roger wrote about theme editing:
If you press the SK2 button while rotating the knob, the step is increased by a factor of 3. The default step are 8 for Red and Blue (with a max value of 248), and 4 for Green (with a max value of 252). All these step/max values are related to the colour format (RGB 565).

In the theme menu (not the colour picker), if you press GREEN button alone, the changes are temporary.
If you press SK2 + GREEN, they are permanent.
If you press SK1 + GREEN, it will get back to default theme  (Black/White), temporary (just reboot to restore the latest saved theme).
If you press SK1 + SK2 + GREEN, the default theme (Black/White) will be permanent.
Of course, if you press RED, the changes are discarted.

Version 1.4E
Fixes bug with the 1750Hz tone generation and also volume control problems on the 1701

Version 1.4D
Some small bugs fixed in UV380 and DM1701 Firmware

Version 1.4C
Some small bugs fixed in UV380 and DM1701 firmware.

Version 1.4B
click problem experienced by some when accessing the menu's has been fixed in both the MDUV380 aned DM1701 firmware.

Version 1.4A
some small bug fixes for the keypad and calibration option and the DM1701 version has been moved to the other radio's folder as it is more similar to the UV380 than the GD77 where it was previousoly stored.

Version 1.3E
Fixes some bugs introduced with the last version effecting SK1,SK2 and #.

Version 1.3D
Problem with using CTCSS and DTMF at the same time fixed.

Version 1.3C
This firmware version allows the transmission of CTCSS and DTMF/DCS at the same time.

Version 1.3B
This firmware version has an extra line in the menu firmware information which shows CPU is either STM the original processor or TYT for the Chinese clone processor chosen by TYT and Retevis as a replacement.

Version 1.3A
New firmware version which works with the older radio's with the STM microprocessor and also with the new radio which uses a chinese clone processor.

Version 1.2F
New Firmware which stores the data in the flash memory instead of the RAM so it is not lost when the very weak battery in the mduv380/RT3S is depleted. Plus an experimental calibration screen for those who would like to match the ouptut power of their radio to the value indicated by the firmware and also correct the frequency for both tx and rx.

Version 1.2E
New CPS which allows the use of the new satellite FO118.

Version 1.2D
Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2C
Minor changes to the TA function for text as well as position informationl. System update now goes to the  language screen after green okay, to make it easier to select a  language.

Version 1.2B
this version contains a new CPS which allows you to select various TA option  in the channel informtion on a channel by channel basis. The default is master which uses whatever is  selected in options menu of the radio.

Version 1.2A
if you turn on Talker Alias in the options then the radio will transmit your location as well as your call-sign which allows the networkk to plot your position on an APRS map. This works on the DMR+ network and in  Brandmeister if you go to self care and set your radio type to Hytera  and GPS in Call to on.

Version 1.1M
This version has a separate GPS screen, and removes the GPS page from the Radio Info screen
GPS has to be enabled in Options->General Options -> GPS
Options are
None - GPS detected in the radio
Off - GPS detected but not enabled
On - GPS detected and enabled
NMEA - GPS detected and enabled and NMEA data from the GPS module is sent via the USB Serial connection.
Note when NMEA is enabled, the CPS will  intially not be able to connect┬  to the radio. You should disable NMEA  when using the CPS.
The firmware will also automatically disable NMEA mode when there is a┬   CPS request, but at the moment the CPS  can not recover from receiving┬  NMEA data when it connects to the radio.

The new GPS screen has 2 pages,
Page 1 shows position after GPS fix has been achieved and shows bar graphs of GPS satellite RSSI
Page 2 shows polar plot the satellites, when the GPS module provides this data and is not really usable by the blind..

Version 1.1L
Up / Down arrows now operate squelch and power in the correct direction
1750Hz tone can now be sent by holding SK2 during Tx, like on the GD77 etc.
┬ DTMF characters A,B,C  & D can now be entered or sent using Up, SK1+Up, Down , and SK1+Down
┬ Charcter input cursor position for channel name on the Channel Details screen is now correct
┬ Channel and VFO scan will start  when holding the Up key. i.e no need┬  to hold and wait for the beep before releasing, simply holding down will  start the scan
*Slight UI change to VFO Sweep scan.
Rotary control adjusts sweep center frequency.
SK2 + Rotary contorl adjusts step size / over sweep range
Up increases gain
Down decreases gain
SK2 + Up increases lower RSSI threshold
SK2 + Down decreases lower RSSI threshold
┬ Bug associacted with holding SK2 while changing the Rotary control, while in VFO Scan mode has been fixed.
┬ In Channel an VFO scan.
The Star ( * ) key is now use to mark a channel or frequency to be skipped duing the current scan
Pressing the Up arrow recommences the scan, if its paused on a busy frequency.

Version 1.1K
In the CPS arbitary frequencies can now be entered rather than just 25/12.5 or 6.25Khz steps.

Version 1.1J
Fixes a hardware problem where some radio's mute the audio when the volume control is set to less than 25%.

Version 1.1H
New firmware and New CPS
* Problem with muted DMR audio should now be fixed.
* Radio show now turn off when battery reached 0%
* Reverse repeater function now displays channel  name in inverse video
* Battery life has been improved, by using the sleep function of the┬  C6000, which saves up to 10mA depending on which Eco level is used.
I have not had time to compare the current consumption on the UV380/RT3S versus the GD77 etc. I think the UV380/RT3S will still take more current and therefore have worse battery life than the GD77, but┬  there may be nothing I can do about this, because the problem is the hardware in the UV380/RT3S takes more current.
* Auto power is now working
* When changing from DMR <-- > FM there is no longer short busrt of unsqueched FM audio
* VFO data is no longer occasionally erased when turning off the radio
CPS 2 bugs in split VFO fixed

Version 1.1G
DTMF transmit fixed┬  and better power saving but you must connect the radio  to the USB before turning it on when transferring information to or from the radio or it may not be  recognised by the computer.

Version 1.1F
new firmware which cures the DMR dropout problem some people experienced when receiving long transmissions.

Version 1.1E
reverted to version 1.1C as 1.1D version causes the volume control and on/off switch to hang.

Version 1.1D
fix to hopefully cure the problem of occassional dropouts in DMR when receiving a long transmission.

Version 1.1C
Some fixes for DTMF and VFO Scan now functions but needs more work. GPS also  now working but will be further modified in a future release and voicing not yet finalised.

Version 1.1B
New CPS which cures a bug which doesn't affect the UV380/RT3S only the GD77.

Version 1.1A
now includes Eco modes and boot screen picture plus GPS turned off unless on the GPS screen. GPS not yet fully implemented.

Version 1.0B
On transmit led is now red.


Version 1.0A
Initial Alpha Release